We connect online creators with advertisers.

You're a creator. You have a community, podcast, newsletter or other online following. You're passionate about your thing and so are your followers. We connect you with brands who are willing to pay to advertise with you. No Bullshit.

WTF Do We Do?

Step 1

We work with you to take inventory of your online-assets. Newsletters, podcasts, websites, forums , whatever. We make a pretty PDF condensing what your following is all about.

Step 2

We compile a list of advertisers for you and reach out to them via email, LinkedIn, Carrier Pidgeon. We pitch your creation to the companies that want to reach your audience.

Step 3

We close the deal. We create an advertising rate sheet and ask for the sale (and take a tiny commission). You're happy, the advertiser is happy, everyone wins.

Get In Touch

We're in beta right now but would love to chat with creators (or advertisers). Just reach out below 👇

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